Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Get Groovin Wit URBAN GROOVE" Campaign 2009

Hey Leos,The Lions Club of P.J Metro is organizing a charity dance concert together with Urban Groove Dance Network (UDGN) in aid of The National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF) on Saturday, 11th of July 09'.

The purpose of this charity dance is to raise funds for poor patients who cannot afford to get dialysis treatment. So,bring along your friends and family to support this purposeful event. You get to watch great performances by Urban Groove and help those in need.There probably will be many more performances as well.

Tickets can be obtained from all 3 Urban Groove branches,the National Kidney Foundation head office and from the Lions Club of P.J Metro.

Simplified details below:

Ticket price : RM25 & RM50(Rm 50 gets a seat)

Date : 11th July 2009 (Saturday)

Time : 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Venue : Global Business Park,Section 19 P.J

Leo Club of SMK Assunta's 38th Annual Installation

Details about Leo Club of SMK Assunta's 38th Annual Installation:

Date : 10th July 2009
Time : 2.30pm - 4.30pm
Venue : Sister Enda's Hall, Assunta Secondary School
Theme : Colours of the Aurora
Entry Fees : RM3

For more details, please contact the following Leos:

Organising Chairperson : Leo Saw Li Lian - 016-6371310
President : Leo Jaishree Nagarajan - 017-2755324
Secretary : Leo Karen Kaur Manocha - 012-3105290
Please do come and support them!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Leo Club of La Salle Klang Incoming Board of Directors for the Fiscal Year of 09/10

Leo Club has been established in SMK La Salle Klang since the year 1990. Since then, we have been growing exceedingly well. Even until today, our membership still continues to increase and increase day by day. We have been the top club in school for a few years in a row already and we are the only club that still stands ahead of the other clubs in the school.

All our past mistakes shall be made into what strengthens us. Everything we try to achieve is for the greater good for our country, our community, our school, our families, and also for our ownselves.

For the fiscal year of 09/10, it is important for everyone to know our board of directors. So here they are, our Board of Directors 09/10:

President - Leo Kamaldip Singh
Vice President - Leo Aaron Gabriel
Secretary - Leo Lam Ka Jhun
Asst.Secretary - Leo Harshween
Treasurer - Leo Trilokesh
Asst.Treasurer - Leo Sanjay
I.U Director - Leo Ashwin Khan
School Services Director - Leo Jordan Yeap
Environmental Director- Leo Tan J Shawn
Health Services Director - Leo Lim Jih Yao
Public Relations Director - Leo Nicholas Wong
Fundraising Director- Leo Rajesh Kumar
Social Services Director- Leo Aaron Aiman
IT Director- Leo Amirul
Membership Director- Leo Tan Kiat Heng

Youth Day!!!

Hey people!
The Leo Club of La Salle Klang is having its Youth Day and you're all invited to come and support this event. =D. So yes,mark your calendars humans,make yourself free.

Details of the event are as stated below:
Venue : Klang Executive Club(Grand Ballroom)
Date : 18th of July 2009 (Saturday)
Time : 6.00p.m-11.00p.m
Theme :★ Eternity In A Heartbeat ★ Price: RM35 per person/ RM350 per table
Dresscode : Celebrities/Formal/Semi-formal

This will be a Charity dinner whereas everyone will be required to dress up as the dresscode implied – CELEBRITIES. (Exp: Singers, actor/actresses.) We will be having MR AND MISS LEO! competition as well, so you stand a chance to walk away with fabulous prizes. So don't miss this opportunity okay?Besides that, there is also performance by our local artist KLG SQD, FREE TO FALL and many more!! And do not go back early because our final agenda of the event is DANCE FLOOR!

We hope you'd be able to come and support this event. Invite all your friends and family for this great event!! Spread the word!! We'll make this event a success!!We hope to see you there.So book your ticket asap!The earlier you book,the better seats you get. :)Grab your friends,bring your enemies and come have fun!Thank you.

Participating Clubs: Leo Club of La Salle Klang
Leo Club of USJ 8
Leo Club of USJ 4
Leo Club of Assunta
Leo Club of Subang Jaya
Leo Club of Subang Utama
Leo Club of Sri Lethia
Leo Club of Taman Sea
Leo Club of La Salle PJ
Leo Club of Seafield
Interact Club of La Salle Klang
Interact Club of Convent
Interact Club of High School
Interact Club of ACS
Interact Club of MGS
Interact Club of Batu Unjur
Interact Club of Bukit Kuda
Interact Club of Raja Lumu
Interact Club of Raja Zarina
PBSM Sekolah Tengku Ampuan Rahimah

For more info, kindly contact:
Leo Kamaldip Singh (Event Organizing Chairperson)-0176435397
Leo Aaron Gabriel (Entertaiment Director)-0166154417