Saturday, February 13, 2010

Video Presentations for the 3rd RCC Meeting

5. In conjunction with this meeting, every Leo Club of Region 5 has to make
a video presentation of the past activities conducted by each respective clubs.
The details are as follow:

• Prepare Video Presentations of past activities.
• Maximum time limit of 10 minutes is given per club.
• Save the videos of your respective clubs in pendrives/CDs.
(make sure they are virus-free!).
• It is advisable for music to be played alongside with the videos.
• The videos are recommended to be in formats of either wmv. or
avi. If your respective club’s video format is other than the two
stated, it is advisable for laptops to be brought in case of
incompatibility problems.
• A representing speaker is permitted to introduce the video
presentation but not to talk during the video. If any narration is
needed, it has to be recorded as part of the video.

6. As an effort to support the Go Green Campaign, the committee is working
towards minimal paper usage for this RCC Meeting. Administrative and
secretarial work will mostly be done electronically to reduce paper usage. For
your information, the minutes of the 2nd RCC Meeting held last November will be
sent online a few days before the meeting. The organizing committee hopes Leo
Presidents of Region 5 will support us in this effort by sending the minutes to
respective Leo Club members after receiving them.

7. Leo Advisors and Faculty Advisors are encouraged to attend this RCC meeting
as well. Kindly RSVP your respective Leo Club advisors’ attendance in the
confirmation letter.

8. The organizing committee sincerely hopes that respective Leo Clubs of Region
5 will cooperate by submitting the attendance confirmation form via e-mail early.
Your cooperation and attention to this matter is much appreciated. Thanking you
in advance.


With roaring spirit,
Leo Aaron Gabriel (O/B RCC Lion Clayton J.C Tan)
Organizing Chairperson,
3rd RCC Meeting 2009/2010

3rd RCC Meeting of Fiscal Year 2009/2010

Dear Leo Presidents/Secretaries,

3rd RCC Meeting of Fiscal Year 2009/2010

Regarding the above matter, we cordially invite your club to attend the 3rd RCC
Meeting of the Fiscal Year 2009/2010, which is organized by the Leo Club of
La Salle Klang.

2. The details of the meeting are as follow:

Venue : Goh Tiang Chin Hall, La Salle High School, Klang
Date : 20th of February 2010 (Saturday)
Time : 8.30 a.m. – 1.30 p.m.
Attire : Strictly Club Uniform / School Uniform
Fee : RM 8 / person (early registration & confirmation)*
: RM 10 / person (late registration)
*Overall payment on 20th February MUST correspond to the
number of attendees confirmed by 15th February 2010.

3. The following is the planned agenda for the day:

Time /Event
8.30 am – 9.00am
* Arrival
* Registration
9.00 am – 12.30pm

* RCC Meeting
12.30pm – 1.00pm

* Q & A Session
1.00pm onwards
* Light Refreshments

4. Kindly confirm your club’s attendance by filling in the confirmation form attached in the e-mail send by Leo Lam Ka-Jhun and indicate the number of participants by 15th February 2010.

For further enquiries, kindly contact the following Leos:
Organizing Chairperson : Leo Aaron Gabriel (016-6154417)
Invitation & Registration : Leo Tan J-Shawn (017-6823355)

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Hai everybody!!

Got up quite early,6.30a.m. and off to Smk Sungai Maung, a very huge school i can say.

Lion Alan,Lion Marcus,Azizi Zakaria,Leo Steven,Leo Aaron and myself were up for thisNKF Talk.We hanged up the buntings and banners around.The Seminar went on as usual.Lion Alan also gave a brief explaination about the osmosis water level in our blood.


After the seminar,we didnt do anything much as we got back to our hotel rooms and started to blog!

At night, we visited the most happening place in Kuching ,The Spring.It is actualy a shoping mall.Lion Alan 'belanja' us for a movie,2012.Superb movie ,had fun watching in Sarawak, the cinemas here are very big!

We got back to the hotel and boom once again on the bed!needed to get some rest for the next day!Nitez!


Hai there again,here goes our 3rd day at KUCHING!!We woke up around 10am for the NKF Seminar at SMK Chung Hua.Various Leo Clubs attended this NKF Seminar such as St Thomas,St Teresa and Sungai Maung.

The NKF Seminar was very fruitful to all the leo members who attended.Then we had lunch at the restaurtant next to our hotel,'CHILLIPEPPERS'.The food was good,no complains.

We got back to the hotel and had some good rest.

Lion Marcus woke us up at 4p.m. and wanted us to go for some exercise near the waterfront.Unluckily the weather wasn't good enough to allow us to go.Then we decided to hangout around the malls at Kuching.Azizi,Steven,Aaron and myself hanging around at the city of Kuching!We had some great fun making jokes and geting to know each other.

Later at night, our DC Lion Alan arrived at Kuching and he took us our for some very good seafood at this place called Taman Kereta!The food tasted very good and the prawns were giantic!We all enjoyed our meal and went off to the hotel.BOOM on the bed!Nitez everybody!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


At day 2, we started our day by going to the first school (SMB Kuching High) to give NKF Seminar to the students over there. The NKF Seminar was presented by NKF Teen Abassador, Azizi Zakaria. We shall skip the school for the moment and talk about this talented young boy Azizi. Azizi is an talented young singer which he started off his carrier after geting 2nd place in the Digi Celebriteen Singing Competition. This talented 18 years old boy made his latest album KAMU SEMUA.He is a very friendly person and gets along with other very fast.Even though he has his own singing carrier ,he still take time off for these awareness talks.We are indeed proud to have a Malaysian artise who cares for others.We were amazedy his voice when the students of Kuching High asked him to sing.He has made many young guys and girls as his fans

Azizi spending his time on NKF SEMINARS

Aziz's fan at Smb Kuching HIGH

Now lets back to the NKF Seminar talk at Kuching High.

We arrived at the school and was given a hall to give the seminar there. We hang up a few NKF "SAVE OUR KIDNEYS" banner to be hang up at the hall. Soon as everything was prepared, Lion Marcus introduced himself and the presenter which is Azizi to the students there. He gave a well educated and precised talk about our human kidneys.

At the afternoon, we were invited by the International Director,Lion Ellis Suriyati to her own office.We were very much inspired with her commitment and hard works towards the Lions Club.

We were amazed with the amount of souveneirs,badges,banners!!!it was all over her office

At night we left to Sarawak fm radio station to company Azizi geting interviewed on air!We were very excited as this is our very first experience watching a live broadcasting of a radio station.We got our names mentioned on air as well.Azizi was on air from 12am till 3 am.

hahaha we didn't lasted till 3am

Posing around the 'konti'


This project is a CSR project sponsored by Event Plus (M) Sdn Bhd on behalf of the Lions Club of Ipoh Metro in support of the National Kidney Foundation & the District 308B2 Leo Club activities.We would like to thank our DC Lion Alan who managed to get out ticket to Kuching.


2 key officers from our club have left to Kuching on the 15th November 09. Leo Kamaldip and Leo Aaron.A very first trip to Sarawak by AirAsia and the flight was smooth enough.

Upon our arrival here,we meet Lion Marcus who picked us up from the airport.All of us had to leave to the Lions Nursing Home right after we got into the car.We felt slightly lost as we were the only two indians there hahahaxx.This project 'FOODFAIR' going on was actualy a fundraising project for the Nursing Home .Then we finally met Ellis Suriyati an International Director of the Lions Inernational.She was very proud to see us(leos) coming and exploring leo clubs in Kuching.

We were lucky enough to get a snap with her!She also pulled us up to sing the Lion's song and a chinese song as well.(we didnt sing bt we felt very proud standing up with the lions of Kuching).Marcus got us some food(bachang,kek lapis) from the nursing home for our supper.Then we visited the patients at the female wad in nursing home.There was this one particular very old aunty which called us and actualy thanked us for what we have been doing for the community.She said she have been in this nursing home for almost 7 years.After that we got our attention to another family and Aaron actualy relized that the old aunty we met before was crying right after we left from there :(



After lunch we got ourselves some rest till evening.Lion Marcus took us out for dinner at this place Open Air(unsure) we had Me Kolo some resturants spells it as GOLO.It is extreamly nice and tasted someting very new to me(Kamaldip).

After dinner, we left for the airport to pick up another leo from SMI, Leo Steven and Azizi Zakari ,NKF Teen Ambassdor.We met and got to know each other very fast.Got back to the hotel and slept off, needed to wake up in the moring for the NKF Seminars!Tiring but a very new day for us. ;p

Kamaldip and Aaron

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Invitation to Leo Club of SMK LA SALLE KLANG 20th Annual Installation!!

With reference to the matter above, the Leo Club of SMK La Salle Klang would like to invite you along with your members to attend our 20th Annual Installation.

Details of the installation are as follow:
Theme : ★ We Came, We Served and We Conqured ★
Date : 12h September 2009 (Saturday)
Time : 10a.m.- 2p.m.
Venue : Goh Tiang Chin Hall, SMK La Salle Klang
Entrance Fee : RM10 per person
Attire : Club Uniform, Formal

We thank you for your attention and we would hope to have your utmost support for this event. Thank you.

For more info, you can contact:
Leo Kamaldip Singh (President)-
Leo Ashwin Khan(I.U Director)-